About Us


Reenactmentcostumes / Littlehuggs  has been designing and making historic reenactment costumes,clothing and accessories since May 2002. We got our start by taking our three grandsons to re-enactments. The boys and I studied at the library and made all of our reenactment costumes.

The boys were so excited and even got into a couple of reenactment free because of their costumes. Others wanted to come along so we made their historic reenactment costumes and accessories.

Soon we did not know what to do with all the costumes and accessories we had gathered and made, then always wanting different ones (of course) we made more.

So we started to sell them, hence our reenactment-clothing business began! I started alone after taking  historic sewing classes but currently we have 3, sometimes 5 part time seamstresses with years of experance and plan to extend our dress sets, accessories and underclothing lines.

Littlehuggs costumes won 1st. prize, for our 100 years of costumes float in the Memorial day parade, of course this made the boys want to do even more reenactments, even our seamstress got into the act. It was a lot of fun for all.

Then we went to more living history events, like Wildest, French and Indian, Buck skinning, Renaissance and Civil War re-enactments.

Soon other people wanted to come along, so we made their Civil War, Rendezvous and other reenactment costumes too. We purchased a sutlers tent and period furnishings and began loving to live the history too.

We now have over 230 costumes history books, and history films in our own library. Littlehuggs makes mostly women's and children's re-enactment clothing and costumes, from historic patterns and recreation costumes that we have made come from paintings and photos of historic clothing.

We love creating the clothing, and try to make it at a reasonable price, basic with different application for different times. This way it can be used more often and is easier for our customers to sell when they want a new costume. We work with true-blooded re-enactors, theaters, school children and teachers, etc., all with different needs and budgets.

With many basic styles in stock, we feel we have something for everyone. When something special and custom is needed for men as well as women and children, we are happy to quote for a custom made item. Littlehuggs spent many years on the web and eBay with excellent feed back and have a excellent reputation for service and great products.